Our Story

At Torch we believe that coffee is about people, and as a company we are passionate about empowering those people. Whether it is a cafe owner struggling to make the switch from second wave to third wave, or a coffee farmer struggling to make ends meet, our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs and empower them to succeed.   

Our founder Samuel Gurel got into coffee when he heard a story about a woman in Guatemala who ran an orphanage, but was also losing money on her coffee farm. The farm was donated to her as a source of income for the kids, but because it was losing money, it was instead depleting resources from the orphanage. Samuel realized, this wasn't just about coffee anymore, it was about people. A few months later he moved his family, his wife and the kids, to a remote village in Guatemala. We worked with some of Guatemala's best farmers to help her produce Cup of Excellence quality coffee. This partnering allowed us to experiment with different processing methods and transform her failing coffee farm into a successful enterprise. This empowered her to focus on what she was really passionate about: rescuing kids from the violent and poverty stricken towns of Guatemala. This project revolutionized our thinking about coffee. Throughout the whole process we learned this simple formula.

Coffee + Education = Higher Quality Coffee

Higher Quality Coffee = Higher Prices

Higher Prices = Better Standard of Living

Better Standard of Living = Empowering people to break the cycle of poverty.

If you’re like us, this is something to get excited about. We’re not just selling coffee, we are empowering people.

Sourcing commitment

After this experience we knew we couldn't go on sourcing coffee that may be causing a farm somewhere to lose money. Since our time in Guatemala, we have developed other farms and work with partners who are committed to empowering others.

By 2016 we are committed to having 100% of our coffee sourced by farmers who are sustainable financially, environmentally, and socially. Right now, we are working on some really exotic locations. Ask us for updates! We’d be super stoked to share.

Coffee Excellence

We look for coffee beans that not only unique but that are also in season. Many roasters will carry generically named coffees all year round, but we treat coffee like the seasonal product it is by respecting that it has a peak time of freshness and vibrancy and working our model around that. We have a small selection of blends and the ones we do carry are transparent. Single origin coffee beans and single origin espresso beans help to show the character of the coffee in a way that reflects its cultivar, its micro-region and the craftsmanship of the producer. That should tell you a little about who Torch is and what our values are.


Our Vision


So many shop owners started becawners to recapture their vision and dream of why they opened a shop in the first place. We know too many people who own shops and have fizzled out because of the day-to-day tasks that keep them from getting ahead. These are the shops we want to partner with and empoweruse they love the coffee shop environment, the coffee itself and coffee people. But one day they wake up burnt out.  We want to inspire shop o. We are great at taking shops from 2nd wave to 3rd wave.



We also love the type of community coffee brews because coffee is essentially about people. Most baristas and shop owners we know got into coffee because of people. They started drinking coffee because of a friend who introduced them to a real latte, or their dad woke up every morning and had a cup at the breakfast table, or they just wanted a shop where they could invite people to hangout. They know what we know: Coffee is about people. 

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