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Q Grader Training & Certification Pu'er, China

 Join our Q grader Course in Beautiful Pu'er China.  This was the original start of the Ancient Tea road and the home of the famous Pu'er Tea.

This certified SCAA lab is also located in Pu’er, Yunnan province, the heart of coffee in China. In addition to developing your cupping abilities, you will also have ample opportunity to visit coffee farms and learn all about green coffee, from growing to processing, in a very hands-on experience. This course will be taught primarily in English, with professional Chinese translation for all teaching and exams. The Instructor Samuel Gurel is a leading expert in Coffee Processing, Importing and Exporting and the grading of coffee. He is Certified as an SCAA instructor, SCAE instructor and has Competed in the US Cup Tasters Championship. He is a leading lecture in Asia about the specialty coffee market and the coffee grading systems.

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