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R grader Training and Certification Pu'er, China

  • Torch Coffee Lab Yunnan Pu'er China (map)

The class will have Mario Fernandez one of the worlds leading coffee experts.

 In addition to developing your cupping abilities, you will also have ample opportunity to visit coffee farms and learn all about green coffee, from growing to processing, in a very hands-on experience. This course will be taught primarily in English, with professional Chinese translation for all teaching and exams. The Instructor Samuel Gurel is a leading expert in Coffee Processing, Importing and Exporting and the grading of coffee. He is Certified as an SCAA instructor, SCAE instructor and has Competed in the US Cup Tasters Championship. He is a leading lecture in Asia about the specialty coffee market and the coffee grading systems. 由美国精品咖啡协会认证的咖啡实验室现也成立于中国的咖啡中心——云南省普洱市。除了能够培养杯测能力之外,同时你也将会有很多机会去亲自参观咖啡农场,并且了解所有关于生豆生长和加工的知识。这个课程主要用英语教学,同时在上课的过程中以及考试都配有专业的中文翻译。讲师Samuel Gurel是一个在咖啡加工方面,进出口以及咖啡等级方面的权威专家。他是由美国精品咖啡协会,欧洲精品咖啡协会认证的专业讲师,曾参加美国杯评师锦标赛,他也是亚洲的一个关于精品咖啡市场和咖啡分级系统的主要讲授人。 注意:这个课程由美国精品咖啡协会认证的实验室开设的,具有美国精品咖啡协会资格的讲师,并且遵循美国精品咖啡协会规定的标准教学方法。


Price $2350  

Special until Nov 2 when two people sign up tougher and come as friends you each get $200 off and a free hotel room each!

(hotel room a $120 value)